oil change repair

Oil is an important aspect of your engine as it lubricates the key components and maintains operating temperatures. Since the oil travels to all the parts, it is crucial to ensure that it is free from dirt and contaminants. For this purpose, we have a filter which helps to keep the dirt away, and only the clean oil passes through it. But as with any other part, the filter gets clogged after some time, making the filtering process ineffective.

Dirty and old oil can affect the mpg and the efficiency of your car. Without the lubricant, the moving parts will grind and wear against each other, causing a loud noise and a failure of the engine. You should also check for a leak which, can be identified if you find dark and thick liquid underneath your car

When should you change the oil?

Though every manufacturer has a mileage slot within which the oil and filters should be replaced. However, the oil can be ineffective before the designated time. Our mechanics and experts will advise you on when to change the oil and will schedule the service for you.

How do we change the oil?

Our experts will first have a look at the overall system to make sure there isn't a bigger problem. Once done, they will drain the old oil and replace the filter. It is important to replace the filter at the same time, and it may contaminate the new oil also.
All necessary checks and maintenance are done before handing the car back to you.

Our experts and technicians will recommend the highest quality oil depending on the make and model of your car. At Acton Car Service, we stock all the leading brands as well the most suitable oils as per the manufacturer's recommendation.
If your oil check-up is coming soon, contact us for the best price in town.