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FixnRev Mechanics specializes in fuel system repair and maintenance to ensure that your car runs efficiently without any disturbance.
Your automotive fuel system functions with your engine control system that reduces the car's emission and assures optimal performance.

Since the fuel system is an essential part of the working of your car, any slight disturbance can lead to a complete halt. It is crucial to come in for a quick check-up if you have any doubts or can smell fuel in your car.

A simple fuel system consists of the petrol cap, filler hose, fuel tank, fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel injection system and numerous fuel lines. The filler hose, tank and lines are the robust part which generally does not give your car a problem. On the other hand, you should look out for the other parts, and contact FixnRev Mechanics if you have any problem with them or if you smell gas.

The fuel system is an interconnected system which is why you should regularly maintain it. It starts from the fuel system, which delivers the fuel from the tank to the injector. In this process, the fuel also passes through the filter for cleaning.
The pressure regular in the fuel system regulates the pressure to ensure the engine performs optimally under the current speed and load.
When the fuel reaches the injectors, a measured amount is diffused on to the engine cylinders. The rest is ignited to power the car.
Let's look at the main fuel system parts that need your attention from time to time:

Fuel Filter Replacement
The fuel filter is a great place to start when your car is troubling you with fuel inefficiency or stalling out. Fuel filters are naturally used to remove the unwanted material from the gas to ensure the engine is free from harsh debris and moisture. However, over time, the filter is bound to get clogged, which leads to the blockage of fuel to the engine. In this case, your vehicle may give trouble with the smooth running of your automotive while in some cases, it might not even start.
Bring it in for a regular fuel filter cleaning or replacement service at FixnRev Mechanics.

Fuel Pump Repair
Of course, the pump is important and may possess some difficulties for your car when it starts to fail. The main sign of a failing fuel pump is a strange sound which comes from where the gas tank is located. Occasionally, there is a clicking noise when you have trouble to accelerate.
It is advised to come in for a check-up instead of being stranded in the middle of the road.
Book online if you're facing any of these issues and our expert technicians will help you out in no time.

Fuel Injection Repair & Service
Fuel Injection is what helps to spray a measured amount of fuel into the combustion chamber. Though your fuel injection might last for years and miles, it may suffer from a leak in many unfortunate cases. This will lead to excessive waste of gas, leading to inefficiency in driving the car. If not replaced, the fuel injection needs to be cleaned from time to time to do the job properly.

Apart from these fuel system failures, it may happen that poor quality fuel is affecting the performance. You will have difficulty in starting the engine, and the car will be more sluggish. In worse cases, it might even backfire and cause the engine light to switch on.
Always fill your tank from trusted retailers. If you have any issue, make sure you empty the tanks and clean it before filling it with superior quality fuel.

It is essential to address your car fuel system issues quickly to avoid getting your car stranded in the middle of the road. Our technicians and mechanics have in-depth knowledge about the working of your car and can deal with a varied type of car, whether hybrid, automatic or manual.
For expert advice, come in or book online for car fuel maintenance and repair with FixnRev Mechanics and never worry about your car health.

fuel systems repair