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Car Clutch Replacement and Maintenance is not a regular job that is needed on every visit to the repair centre, but you must look out for it. There are many symptoms that your car will showcase before giving up on the clutch.
FixnRev Mechanics provides authentic and high-quality clutch repair and service and provides the part in various shapes and sizes to fit into any make and model of the car. Whether it is an Audi, Jaguar, BMW, or a Nissan, our clutch experts give you friendly advice about the working of the system before proceeding with any work. At FixnRev Mechanics, we make sure you understand what you're paying for.

Your clutch is one of the most important parts of the vehicle as, without it, you will not be able to shift gear. The nature of work of the clutch makes it extremely susceptible to wear and tear, and you will need to service it regularly and may even need to replace it, depending upon the damage.

How does your clutch work?

A well-functioning standard clutch assembly puts several different parts together that assist you to change the gear and pull away smoothly. The parts consist of the clutch cover, clutch plate, pressure plate, clutch fork, clutch cable or hydraulic system and bearing. There is another important part known as the flywheel that is placed beside the engine and works to keep the clutch and engine spinning at the same time.

While driving, when your foot is off the pedal, the springs make the pressure plate to force the clutch plate against the flywheel. When they are pushed together, the high level of friction keeps the engine and clutch spinning at the same time. Once you press down the clutch, the pressure plate is pulled away from the crush plate, which in turn frees itself from the flywheel. This allows you to change the gear.
It is important to get specialist advice before fitting a new clutch. If you are experiencing any of the below symptoms, drop by at FixnRev Mechanics where our technicians will be happy to assist you and provide a free clutch check:
Clutch Slip
Look out for: Engine accelerating without any increase in actual speed; inability to drive up steep hills and a burning smells
Causes: Defective/worn friction plate, or presence of oil on the plate, incorrect clutch amendments, etc.
Clutch Drag
Look out for: Difficulty in getting the car in gear especially first and reverse; and a jolt when you try to change the gear with the car in motion
Causes: Incorrect clutch and cable adjustments, lack of fluid in hydraulic system, centre plate sticking on the spine.
Clutch Judder
Look out for: Jolt and vibration as the vehicle moves from rest
Causes: Damaged friction plate, damaged or loose engine/gearbox mounts.

What happens if I don’t replace a faulty Clutch?

The first sign of not replacing a faulty clutch would be seen in the decrease in the efficiency of your car as it would become more difficult and not to mention, dangerous to drive your car.
You will feel the pedal vibrating, becoming more loose and spongy, followed by squeaky noise and vibration.
Since clutches and gears are connected directly, you will find it tough to change the gears.
Prolonged ignorance of your clutch health may even lead to complete mechanical failure and damage the gearbox.

Tips to enhance the life of your clutch

● Avoid resting your foot on the clutch while driving as it can wear your clutch. Similarly, don't rest your car in gear with your foot on the clutch while you're stuck in the traffic.
● To make sure you don't wear out the friction surface, avoid holding the car on a hill slipping the clutch for longer than required.
● Make sure you change the gear smoothly by pressing down on the clutch, changing the gear and then releasing the clutch quickly to reduce the time for which the discs are engaged.
● Never leave your car in gear when it’s parked as it puts extra pressure on the clutch even when your car and engine are not working.

FixnRev Mechanics provides you with a complete clutch check-up with no obligation for a repair. If you experience any of the symptom stated or simply have that doubt of a faulty clutch system, book an online service or bring your car into our centre to have an inspection. Cut your clutch replacement cost by coming in for an early check-up. Our clutch experts and technicians will diagnose the cause of any issue that you might be facing.

Whether you are looking for car clutch replacement, adjustment, or repair, FixnRev Mechanics is here for all your clutch needs.

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