full car service

It is important to get your car regularly serviced to make sure any defects or problems do not go unnoticed and are rectified before they become a major problem for your car.

Although servicing your vehicle regularly is not a legal requirement, there are several good reasons why you should consider getting your car serviced on a routine basis.
Moreover, routine service means you won't have to deal with a sudden breakdown and take on the additional stress. If you're worried that your vehicle is due for servicing, come into our service centre. We provide a fixed price and same day service to all makes and models of vehicles that meets specific vehicle manufacturer service schedules.

Interim Service - 6-Month Minor Service

This service is perfect for high mileage users or when your manufacturer recommends frequent checks. It ensures the vehicle is maintained and prevents unforeseen defects. The package includes engine oil replacements and filter change in addition to 25 checks in other key areas. These include checking your engine cooling system and timing belt, brake pads, tyre condition and pressure, oil leaks and much more.
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Full Service - 12-Month Service

If you want us to have an in-depth look into your car, we suggest you opt for this comprehensive annual inspection for complete peace of mind. A full service exceeds the servicing schedule for a majority of manufacturers but keeps your automotive trouble-free and on the road for the longest time. In addition to the minor services above, our technicians change the filters of your car, make sure that the windscreen, mirrors, and the seat belt is operative. They also have a look at radiant and coolant hoses, fuel system, an in-depth check of your brakes, wheels and tyres, steering and suspensions, and more.

Major Service- 24-Month Service

If you're looking to get your car thoroughly checked with no part or spot being left unattended, this 24-Month service is perfect for you!
Our expert technicians and mechanics start from the exterior and move on to the most interior part of your car to ensure everything is repaired, working, and efficient. A total of 60 checks are made before handing you the car which, you can be guaranteed, is as good as new.

full car service