computer diagnosis

If you can’t determine what ails your vehicle, bring it to FixnRev Mechanics. We’ll find and repair any problems. We use the same diagnostic equipment as manufacturers, making us a one-stop location for all your automotive needs.

body paint

If you're planning to repaint your vehicle, or cover up some chipped paint, come to FixnRev Mechanics that offers a wide range of colours, effects, along with the best price.

tyre puncture repair

FixnRev Mechanics stocks the leading quality brand named tyres including Michelin, Continental, Pirelli; so you will always find a range to suit your car and your budget. We specialise in high-performance tyres for all makes and models with competitive prices.

body work

Car detailing or car valeting is becoming increasingly popular in the Uganda.
It involves car care that requires more than average wash and wax on a weekend.

cooling system

How does your cooling system work?

Your car's engine produces heat just shy of the boiling point, which makes it necessary to have a fully functional cooling system to keep it within the prescribed temperature.

battery replacement

Car batteries are not supposed to last forever and you will need replacing.
If your battery is not old enough, it might just need a recharge or even a simple cleaning and tightening. But not everyone is that lucky.

car suspension

Your suspension gives many waning before it breaks completely. Look for those signs as they can occur not only from physical damage, but also wear and tear.

Call-in or book an appointment with us for a free Suspension check to ensure that you're completely safe on the road.

wheel alignment

Steering vibrating or the car pulling to the left and right? Having trouble keeping your automotive straight or recently hit a pothole?
All these are signs that you need to align your wheels for your car and care safety purpose.

fuel system repair

FixnRev Mechanics specializes in fuel system repair and maintenance to ensure that your car runs efficiently without any disturbance.
Your automotive fuel system functions with your engine control system that reduces the car's emission and assures optimal performance.

oil change repair

Oil is an important aspect of your engine as it lubricates the key components and maintains operating temperatures. Since the oil travels to all the parts, it is crucial to ensure that it is free from dirt and contaminants.

car crash repair

What is the recommended mileage to change the timing belt?

full car service

It is important to get your car regularly serviced to make sure any defects or problems do not go unnoticed and are rectified before they become a major problem for your car.

car sterring repair

FixnRev Mechanics can prolong the life of your tyres with a freewheel alignment check and regular servicing. Our highly trained technicians can be of assistance to advise you of the best solution for any steering problems.


FixnRev Mechanics supplies and fits part or complete exhaust systems for any make and model of vehicle.

clutch repair

Car Clutch Replacement and Maintenance is not a regular job that is needed on every visit to the repair centre, but you must look out for it. There are many symptoms that your car will showcase before giving up on the clutch.

car wash

At FixnRev Mechanics, we recognize your car needs and offer tailored plans and services to match them.

From a simple body wash to a detailed valeting, we offer professional service coupled with expert advice and competitive price.

cambelt repair

What is Cambelt?

Cambelt is a very crucial part of your engine, which plays a huge role in the smooth functioning and efficient operation of the overall automotive system.
Made from rubber, the cambelt features small teeth which work in the to and fro function of the belt.

brakes repair

A well functioning break is a vital part of the car and road safety which may result in loss of life and property. Delaying your car brake service or repair possesses a threat to you and others.

air conditioning

Car Air Conditioning Service is as vital as maintaining any other part of the car. Apart from improving the air quality of the car, it also brings major enhancement to passenger comfort. You might need it to beat the heat in summer, but there is much more than that.