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Car Air Conditioning Service is as vital as maintaining any other part of the car. Apart from improving the air quality of the car, it also brings major enhancement to passenger comfort. You might need it to beat the heat in summer, but there is much more than that. Like any other part, air-con is also subjected to wear and tear. Did you know that manufacturers recommend servicing your air-con every 2 years to keep it functioning at the optimal level?A well-functioning air conditioner improves the air quality inside your car, keeping the pollutants and bacteria at bay. It also helps during the cold weather by demisting your windscreen with its dehumidifying properties.

Your Air Conditioner can provide these advantages only when they are working at full efficiency and power. It is recommended to get your air conditioning serviced every 2 years. Moreover, if the Air Conditioning is not used throughout the year, the system tends to lose refrigerant over time as it permeates through the physical joints between components.An unserviced and ill-maintained air conditioner will eventually lead to performance issues and foul smell, leaving the aura inside your car very unpleasant.

Worse still, if you leave Air Conditioning operating with low refrigerant levels, more serious problems can occur. For eg, lubricant circulation may be affected, and air or moisture may enter the system.The common problem with the inefficiency of your air conditioning is when it needs a re-gas. Your car's air-conditioner is charged by the gas which dissipates from the system with use. Around 10% of the gas or more is lost every year, which leads to the diminishing quality of the air conditioner.Our technicians have a thorough look at your A/c, checking system oil and refrigerant levels to make sure it works as a brand new. Once done, our professionals make sure that the re-gas has made a difference in the A/c temperature.Your A/c may need more frequent gas filling than the regular check-ups. Make sure you look for the signs and book for air-con service, regas, and repair with us!

Apart from recharge, FixnRev Mechanics also provides a range of Air Conditioning service, repair, and maintenance that helps to keep it as good as new. We start with a Free Air Conditioning Performance Test to judge the performance of the air condition in comparison with the recommended level. Our expert technicians perform a free air conditioning temperature and system checks to ensure that your system is working as per the standard. If there is nothing to worry about, we do not charge anything from you.

Our Air Conditioning Service also includes Anti-bacterial clean, which treats the issue of foul smell and prevents it from happening for at least another year.Over time, you may notice a musky smell from your A/C. This because of the condensation that builds on the evaporator making it a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi.Any harmful build-up and bacteria are removed in the process of air intake and venting system cleansing. This may be very harmful to you and your car's health. Contact FixnRev Mechanics if you notice a foul smell coming from the inside of your car.

If you're looking for Full Air Conditioning Repair & Service, we provide a complete in-depth inspection and servicing which helps to enhance the lifespan of your A/c while keeping it working efficiently.We provide a thorough performance test to recognize the areas which need improvement. Starting with the refrigerant, we bring it to the required level and perform a leak test. The entire air conditioning system is removed and cleaned to ensure that there is no moisture within. After injecting new oil, the air conditioning is brought to the standard level. Once the entire servicing has been done, our technicians run a test to see the impact of the service on the working of the A/c and perform a full visual inspection before handing out to you.

FixnRev Mechanics provides the most competitive price and high-quality car air conditioning service in town and makes sure your car's air-con is working perfectly.

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