FixnRev Mechanics supplies and fits part or complete exhaust systems for any make and model of vehicle.

The role of the exhaust system is to guide the gases generated by engine combustion to the outside of the vehicle. Besides, it reduces noise, as well as the rate of pollution.
The exhaust system is important and one of the hardest working components of the vehicle. It is made up of:
● Manifold; connected directly to the engine cylinders and channels gases into the exhaust system.
● Lambda / Front Downpipe; an electronic device that measures the amount of oxygen in the gases as they travel through the car. The downpipe is where the gases merge from the engine into the catalytic converter.
● Centre Section; Includes the catalytic converter which helps remove harmful and pollutant gases, and a silencer box that helps reduce engine and vibration noises.
● Rear Silencer Box; additional filters to further reduce engine noise and connected to a tail pipe that directs gases away from the vehicle.

The most common section to become defective is the rear silencer as moisture tends to gather inside the box and attacks the metal. This internal corrosion will often result in a hole, which causes the exhaust to blow.  Additionally, it causes excessive noise; thereby rendering the vehicle illegal which could lead to a fixed penalty fine. An unchecked exhaust may also result in fumes entering the car, which can be harmful to the driver and the passengers.


How does the car exhaust work?

The work of the exhaust is to collect the harmful gases released by the combustion of the engine and send them to the particulate filter. The filter then works to reduce the harmful particles in the gases to the highest possible extent to reduce its effect on the environment. The gases then enter the catalytic converter to go through the chemical reaction to further reduce the toxicity.

Symptoms & results of a faulty exhaust

● Constant loud noises
● Exhaust fume smell
● Loss of power or lower functioning
● Lower mileage
● Clunking or banging from underneath the car

The effects of exhaust damage

Apart from an uncomfortable drive and unnecessary noises, It also is very harmful to the environment as the CO2 emissions are higher than usual with a faulty exhaust.

At times, the fault is visual and you can spot the damage which needs to be repaired. At other times, the damage can be hidden from the view as the exhaust pipe runs across the entire length of the underside of your car. To recognize the issue, your car will need a hydraulic lift.
In some cases, especially in older cars, rust can be a cause of concern.

Depending on the type of fault, driving with a faulty exhaust can lead to a traffic offence and is dangerous for everyone. Come in for a quick repairing and servicing of your exhaust fan at FixnRev Mechanics.
Our technicians are well equipped to provide you with a car exhaust cleaning service, replacement, pipe repair, hole repair, etc.

With regular servicing and FREE checks, we can keep your exhaust system legal and prevent any fumes from entering the vehicle. With our fully skilled technicians, we can diagnose any current faults or any faults that may occur shortly and cause the exhaust or the catalytic converter to become defective.

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