cooling system

How does your cooling system work?

Your car's engine produces heat just shy of the boiling point, which makes it necessary to have a fully functional cooling system to keep it within the prescribed temperature. To remove the heat, the engine uses several components and fluid which includes antifreeze/coolant, radiator & radiator fans, water pump, pressure cap and expansion tank, temperature switch, head gasket, heater core, hoses and thermostat.

The water pump spins with the help of the belts which are connected to the main engine. The main objective of the pump is to circulate the coolant through the pipes and engine to the radiator. The radiator fans chill the returning coolant.

In case of excessive pressure, the radiator cap opens a valve and allows the coolant to flow through an overflow pipe. Similarly, the temperature switch keeps an eye on the temperature, and switches on the fans as and when required.

The entire cooling system keeps the engine functioning and the temperature maintained as many engine parts cannot handle the excess heat. A small failure in any of the cooling components could lead to a potential failure of the engine.
Common problems of the cooling system:

1. Broken hose and fan belt - Hoses are prone to wear out while if the belt breaks, the water pump becomes inaccessible. In both these cases, the engine overheats.
2. Radiator cap pressure fails: Your radiator cap is manufactured to hold a certain pressure in the coolant system. Failure to do so will lead to overheating of the engine.
3. Water pump fails: When the pump fails, you can hear a screeching noise and the coolant leaks from the car. This is a sign that you should get your cooling system repaired.

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